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Are You Trying to Solve an Issue in the Wrong Mind?

Trying to solve a problem in the world using the conscious mind is like trying to uproot a tree by pruning its leaves. The real cause of the issue is at its roots; the leaves are only a sign of what the roots are doing. The same issue will keep resurfacing in your life if you don't address the issue at its root—the unconscious mind or hard drive. The mind itself is the problem. As long as the issue's cause or effects are not addressed, the leaves will keep showing up on the surface as a symbol of what is invisible and buried under the surface. Since it is outside, the invisible is visible in our world. The movie that is being played to you down in the projector room is just being reflected to you by a screen. If you focus the light of awareness on the problem in the unconscious mind rather than combating the light and shadows that are being shown on the screen, the problem will merely disappear from the visible world. Start with changing yourself if you want to change the world
  The New Art of Being, “Mindfulness” According to a recent article in the New York Times dated March 23, 2013.  Scans show that being mindful helps to improve brain function , aids in concentration, and helps to reduce stress hormones and recover more quickly from negative thought patterns of the mind.  Elementary school students do it.  Doctors and their patients do it. The art of mindful eating also translates to a healthier way of eating. Most of us run our daily life on autopilot,  stuck in the matrix of the minds program, we live and experience life through the filters of the mind, so,  being mindful helps us to be present to live and experience the richness of the present moment of the here and now, rather than living from past fears and worries about the unknown future. To put it in one complete nutshell, mindfulness is all about being present in whatever you are doing. How do we achieve this state of being mindful or being present?  Well, sorry folks…there is no easy way out,

Are you living life in the fast lane?

  I n this fast-paced society,  everyone is running around unconsciously and without clarity or purpose to their actions, and getting caught up in this matrix of life’s daily routine. Always reacting to the constantly changing  external stimuli and old internal programming of how things should be or shouldn't be. It seems that we never have enough time to get things done in a proper and timely manner. We eat fast food,  pop a few pills to get that fast cure, chase down buses, dodge through traffic to catch cabs, and forget to walk or take the stairs for exercise. In addition,  we move in and out of relationships as fast as we can without reflecting on what caused the break up in the first place, we X-them out and move on to the next. We think we are Clark Kent  and can run in and out of gyms without warming up or cooling down, and go on repeating those same old habitual patterns daily. Basically, we are living like robots programmed from past memories and never living in the prese

Laughter the Healing Medicine!

Laughter heals us , keeps us healthy, and above all connects and bonds us with other human beings. -We enjoy sharing a good joke with others . -We enjoy making others laugh . Laughter makes us feel good,  eases the tension, and breaks the ice. So, we know how laughter helps us to connect with others,  but what is it about laughter that heals and keeps us healthy? Well, numerous studies have found  that the power of laughter  reduces stress and improves health in the following ways: Raises endorphin levels which contribute to a feeling of well-being. Stops pain. Increases human growth hormone levels, which are necessary for the healthy functioning and rejuvenation of every cell and system of the body. In a California study,  participants experienced increased benefits just by thinking about seeing a funny movie, they increased their beta-endorphin levels by 27% and human growth hormone by 87% than those individuals who were expecting to see a comedy. Researchers at the University of   M

What are some of the major causes of low back pain.

There might be a  few different things going-on in the body that might be the contributing factors of back pain. A weak core, and weak leg muscles not supporting  the back. Tight hamstrings pulling on the pelvis and tilting it. Tight quadraceps and hip flexors.  Weak and tight lower back muscles.  Daily stress manifesting itself as tightness in the lower back.  Get your back in shape series with The Bridge Pose. This pose helps to strengthen the hamstrings and  lower back muscles. Strengthens the core, the abdominal muscle group, tones the buttock and stretches the  the top of your thighs and the hip flexors. Instructions:   Keep your feet rooted into the ground,  exhale narrow in and up at your core, hold the abdominal in on the exhale…press your feet into the ground, reach your knees forward and up..and lift the pelvis all the way up off the floor, as you feel the hamstrings, the muscle right under the gluteal fold push into the bone, the buttocks working firmly as the lower back com