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  Life's Journey Begins with Becoming More Aware!  As we journey on this path of self-realization one day we will come to a great understanding that this world was created as a great device a great stage with many props and many actors each playing their part to serve us for our growth and highest potential. One day,  we will realize that our greatest enemy was our greatest teacher in disguise and that our hardships and misfortunes were our greatest blessings to our awakening.  These challenges present themselves to us as opportunities to become more alert, become more aware, rise above life's challenges, and not get pulled down the dark hole of unconsciousness.   Know that all things can be turned into great fortunes and friendships if we can only learn to see with clear eyes and listen with clear ears, so we can clearly see the ONE in the many.  We must all learn and grow,  let go and not hold on to any resentment or bitterness to the trials and tribulations that we all mu
  Some of the best ways to remain Balanced in our Challenging and Constantly changing environment Here are some of the best ways  to  remain properly centered and balanced in both our challenging and changing environments. Meditating daily  has a calming effect on the mind as it allows you to see things in a much clearer light. Review your actions of the day every night  and understand how you reacted to each stressful situation that presented itself and what were the results of your reaction? Then try to see yourself responding differently rather than reacting from your old program to achieve the desired results.  Exercise  is an incredibly effective way to rid the body’s system of excess pent-up energy. Avoid hearing or watching negative news , negative media, and all the negative people in your life that may seem to have your best interest at heart. Eat healthy foods and stay away from unhealthy choices  (like processed or fast foods) as this strategy helps to eliminate toxins and

The 8 Most Effective and Dynamic Exercises To Train the Core.

A re you ready to rock out your core?   Sometimes the core is missed, and this can occur for any number of reasons. Not enough attention, ineffective exercises, and more can neglect to give your core muscles the best and toughest workout, leaving them behind as you progress on your fitness journey .   In order to best train the core,  you’ll need to know the fundamentals of what it is, what it does, and how to work it out. What is the core? The core is made up of dozens of muscles , ligaments, protective bones, and cartilage. Together, these protect the underlying vital organs. The core houses all of the parts we need to function and stay alive and well. While the heart is protected under the rib cage, many of the organs are only protected by soft tissue, the muscles. The core is considered the center of the body, and most people think of abs when it comes to the core. In actuality, the core also includes the muscles of the upper and lower back. Why Train the core? There are many reaso

You are just a wave- form in the ocean of life!

Physiologists are now saying that your body is renewed every 7 years.   A whole new body every 7 years. As you might well know , everything is in constant change, nothing of the old remains, and everything is new. A whole new body every 7 years , if you live to the ripe old age of 70… your body has completely renewed itself, again and again, 10 times in those 70 years. Every moment everything is changing…old cells die off, and new cells are born. Then, who are you?  are you just a body form or something greater? Or are you a being experiencing yourself through this body form? Consider this for a moment , you might just be just like a wave-form in the ocean of life, a continuous process of becoming something greater than the form itself, Every moment the wave changes,  every moment your form changes, you are never static, the wave is never static, both are constantly changing into the next form.  Since your conception you have changed many times, your childhood dies and you are born int