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Methods for changing or transforming energy !

Energy transmutation, or transformation, involves the complex process of converting or shifting energy from one state to a more advantageous and efficient state.

This metamorphosis occurs as we shift our focus from reacting impulsively to external stimuli to a more mindful and conscious state.

Picture a scenario where a situation arises, and someone directs negative energy towards you. The common response is to react based on past experiences, allowing anger to take control. In this reactive state, you relinquish control, moving away from your peaceful center and becoming absorbed by the object of your anger.

The key lies in interrupting this automatic response. Instead of succumbing to anger, pause, and acknowledge, "I have moved towards and become angry." Recognize the distinction between the subject (yourself) and the object (anger). Observe this emotional state consciously, realizing a point within you remains undisturbed— the point where anger can be realized as the point of angerlessness.

Anger lessens as you continue to be aware of the mental state you are in at any given time. Now, the very energy that would have given rise to rage has been transformed into increased awareness. Since energy is neutral, it changes its intensity according to the thoughts or feelings it is aimed at.

In essence, you have two choices: move towards the external object triggering your anger or shift your focus inward to the point of no disturbance within yourself. This inward journey allows you to observe anger from a vantage point unaffected by the emotional turmoil.

To practice this concept physically, consider an exercise involving a feather-light touch. By gently touching the eyeballs with minimal pressure, the energy between your hands and the eyeballs becomes infused with lightness. This quality of energy then moves towards the heart center. The delicate touch allows the energy to circulate within, fostering a sense of lightness and tranquility.

Conversely, applying excessive pressure disrupts this internal flow, causing the energy to resist and move outward. By consciously maintaining a soft touch and redirecting the energy inward, you experience a cascade of lightness enveloping your face and head, ultimately settling at your center. This exercise is a tangible reminder of the transformative power of redirecting energy toward inner awareness and tranquility.


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