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"Liberating Divine Consciousness: Ascending Above Life's Constraints"

 Enter, dear consciousness, into that boundless expanse:

Just like the vacant sky, untouched by roaming white clouds,

Just like an empty room devoid of all furniture,

Emptiness reigning supreme,

No thoughts, no egos to define this or that,

No labels dictating what should or shouldn't be,

Rest now in tranquil silence,

Absence of ego, a serene oasis,

A ceaseless vacation of pure existence,

Floating weightlessly in that infinite space,

Simply being, without wants, needs or desires,

You are whole and complete,

This marks the endpoint of countless lifetimes spent erroneously searching for what you have always been, are, and will forever be, 

This is the fruition of that endless seeking,

A metamorphosis like a caterpillar,

Breaking free from its cocoon,

Shedding mental constraints and becoming free,

Unveiling its true essence,

And embracing its highest potential,

Now, like the butterfly,

Feasting on nectar,

Basking endlessly in the sun,

No longer confined to crawling,

But soaring from flower to flower, 

In eternal bliss,

Why tread and crawl as a mere human,

When you can break free from the mental cocoon, and soar as a divine being,

Endlessly roaming the realms of existence as pure awareness.

So, embrace the transformative power of awakening through personal training, meditation, mindfulness, and destress, and embark on a lifelong journey towards genuine happiness. Visit us at to begin your journey today.


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